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[02 Feb 2002|06:55pm]
i deffently need to get something happenin in my life...make it complete! common people! *smiles*
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[27 Jan 2002|01:58pm]

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

sometimes i wonder why i do these quizs....but here i got bored although thats kinda rare for me but heres a quiz i did

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whats going on? [24 Jan 2002|05:32pm]
[ mood | awake ]

sometimes i really do wonder what goes on in some of these peoples heads

its strange really becuase people have so many deffrent oppinions that there really is know right or wrong since one person might think something is right but then another will think the exact opposite...

so i decided...although this song has been out for a very long time that 'Whats going on?' is a great title for a song dedicated to September the 11th...

even if we dont think so our minds still go down the lane to that day...except some of us who have our occupied

wish mine was...

well i better be off

i think i've been online to long..Hah im on for 15 minutes and they think its to long ..Pshh whatever


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[24 Jan 2002|05:21pm]

truly i suck at updateing this thing...
people you guys probally all forgotten bout me and shit but im still here and alive

i keep on making the promise that'll update more but im not going to say that becuase i dont want to break it but i will TRY (the key word here) and update more...atleast once a week!

so give me da scoop my peeps and i'll talk to ya'll later

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I'm back! [11 Jan 2002|09:49am]
[ mood | awake ]

hey guys!...

my fuck i havent updated in awhile! sorry about that but i mean i've been busy and to be completely honest i keep forgeting to! and anytime i think i'll go update my journal something else always pops up

nothing much as been happenin as useal. AMA's where acouple days ago which was sweet and then just stuff in the studio.

so J Lo! and Max i wanna know whats up becuase i feel bad about not being on!

well give me the scoop!


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[22 Dec 2001|10:53pm]
im here! im alive

*smiles brightly*

i live

just im not online much

been busy...you know christmas shopping and such! cant wait its be great to spend time with the family at the holidays,

but as i said im busy...and im not exactly sure what to right so im off

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sun shine [07 Dec 2001|06:41pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

so here i am

sitting here

next to my laptop

typeing in my livejournal

i have nothing to really say

i just thought it would be nice to update and see whats up, so far i heard JC and lance broke up but then i read there journal and im not exactly sure whats going on but as its known of my god damned business i'll stick my nose into something that is

lets see

so i heard Max and J Lo are together again! congrats to you guys!

im gonna go read


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*yawns* [05 Dec 2001|09:20am]
[ mood | blah ]

ok so its not that early but i had a late night...very late

*slaps self* i need to wake up

so i decided to come and update my journal and see whats up with y'all

J Lo you need to update your Journal! sweety! commmon!


Max my peeps have called yours and there planning...we deffently need to get together for lunch!


alright now all i need is more sleep but they wont let me!


i'll have to take a nap in the car

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x mas [02 Dec 2001|11:19pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

christmas is here soon


yeah! cant wait!

oh by the way i would like to say sorry for not updating this stupid thing in like weeks@ i've just been so busy and havent had time! mmiss talking with all you ! J Lo you gotta call me!
or something!

Max how are you?

hows the whole NSync couple going? (JC + Lance, Joey + Chris, Justin + Wade), i heard Justin and Wade are married? how exciting!

just i need updates people! throw me a frigging bone here! i need the info
sorry im kind of alittle hyper today! just been hanging but its got my blood going!

so just tell me whats up around here! i miss all of you and wish you good fortune and a merry christmas!


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cartoons [19 Nov 2001|08:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

well i'm here just hanging out in my living room watching cartoons
what fun


wow im bored i think i'll be heading out on a drive!

see you later


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stretchs [15 Nov 2001|01:52pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

god i felt so stiff today, i dunno i havent been dancing as much as useal but i mean i have been dancing so i decided to stretch...it felt very good

now i feel all flexable and shit.

I saw Micheal Jackson! that show was great! NSync was great! JC is a very talented person, he sounded fabulous! all the other guys where great!, Destinys Child was great! i loved the whole thing and Usher was great specially when he did Micheal Jacksons dances

i loved it

well i have to be going now!


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time in and time out [13 Nov 2001|02:21pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

god life is busy

i love my career and i love what i do
its great!
but its so much that sometimes you want to go to sleep and just stay there all
but of course not
its all cool though
although sometimes you miss your family
when on the road and such

oh well i better be on my way

i thought i should update this thing so im not totally gone from the net world


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tired of all the crap we take each day- [07 Nov 2001|05:24pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

i was reading a reveiw about what happened on the Regis show and it was funny

need i say i do now like Regis one bit..i dunno he just seems very "incredably" annoying and just i dont know but i dont like it,

sorry if any of you do but thats my opinion


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happy [06 Nov 2001|05:18pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

yup yup

um i need a new icon please *grins* my icons are kinda getting old and need something new and sexy but yeah i just thought if any of you pop stars out there make icons go ahead and make me one please??

*bites bottom lip*

my life is looking up :) J Lo and Max never forgot about me and they where one of my first friends here *sighs* i feel loved

ok anyway enough of the mushy shit

i gotta get going my friends are bugging me...we're off to a club

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[04 Nov 2001|10:43pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i think everyone drifted away from me on LJ...i try to update but theres nothing to say except how boring my life is

except of course for the whole superstar thing and such

i'm trying to write some songs

im not to good but i'm working on it..

oh oh something exciting on TV

gotta go



P.S. talk to me and that will probaly get me going to update more

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[01 Nov 2001|11:31am]
So Halloween kicked

hmm it was kinda the useal but its always been fun for me


im so exciting aren't i?
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Movies [26 Oct 2001|10:48pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

so i went and saw On The Line,

god those guys are so funny!. Specially when Lance got to punch that one guy..funny as hell

i was laughing most the time, but it was cute i liked it..

Joey was great, funny as well..

and specially at the end with Justin and Chris..*sighs* that was

so so funny

loved it guys!

can't wait to get the DVD and see all the deleted scenes..specially that cut out one with joey..*grins* anyway hope it goes good in the box office..i'll be updating more i promise again


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[19 Oct 2001|09:01pm]
i haven't really been updating lately have i?
been kinda busy..i'll probally be on AIM later this weekend

ahh i think everyones forgotten about me :\

i'll live
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last entry [16 Oct 2001|09:21am]
[ mood | amused ]

i just looked at my last entry and i seemed kinda bitchy..*smiles* well i'm not anymore
and its not useal for to be bitchy anyway :) but i'm cool

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icons [14 Oct 2001|08:22pm]
i've been looking at icons for myself and found aton of cute ass pictures of me :P...pitty i figured im only aloud 3 icons! jesus i fucking need a paid account there so much....easier!
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